Cute Tumblr Themes

Cute Themes for Tumblr

Using tumblr is easy. You can easily blog photos, video clips, and texts quickly with hardly any effort. As opposed to some other microblogging services on the web, it’s the simplest, yet really powerful choice.

If you are familiar with Wordpress, you know that it’s a great blogging format. However, customizing the look and feel of your blog is rather limiting. Tumblr on the other hand lets you easily customize the layout and theme of your blog. As compared to Twitter, Tumblr is a more powerful choice that lets you blog photos, videos, and even music.

It’s also a platform that can be easily custom-made since there are thousands of free themes already available for you to install. Of all the tumblr themes available out there, a cute tumblr themes are something to consider. However it may not be suitable for your blog if you’re blogging about specific topics.

Would choosing a cute theme benefit you?


Certainly, if you are blogging about hard metal music, having a cute theme wouldn’t be a great idea. Choosing a cute theme for Tumblr is something you should choose based on what type of blog you are going to be blogging about. 

In general, if your target audience is mostly female and people who are drawn to handcrafted elements then using a cute tumblr theme is perfect. If you are blogging about fashion, babies, cute animals, kpop, jpop, choose a cute theme. These kinds of themes are also great for celebrity-oriented tumblr blogs. 

Would is considered a cute tumblr theme?

Cute themes normally have pastel color schemes. Pink is the most common but colors like beigecream and other light skin tone colors are also popular. You can find these color schemes and other cute combinations on sites like 

They are also usually simple in design with minimal elements of design added to them. This allows your contents to show better and not be too obtrusive. If other elements are added, they are usually elements that look handmade or hand crafted.

Where to Find Cute Themes?

On the subject of starting a successful Tumblr blog, a solid theme can be important as it is a main issue with the branding and look of your site.One place where most people start is Tumblr’s Theme Garden.

However, the themes obtainable there are commonly overused and are very tacky. There are small amount of great ones, but they are usually premium themes which could cost you around $19-$49 dollars. If you would rather not spend that much money, there are a lot of alternatives.

Many theme developers who usually design for wordpress themes also have started designing for tumblr. As a result you can get a fully functional and beautiful theme for less than $49 dollars which is the cost of a premium theme on Tumblr’s theme garden.

The cutest themes on Tumblr is found on theme marketplaces, and others can be found on the sites of private theme designers and tutorial sites like Either way, you do not need to spend $50 as if you might on Tumblr’s premium themes in Theme Garden, plus you will get excellent support and theme updates.

When choosing a theme for your Tumblr, consider if it’s a great fit for your content, and of course, your budget.